Circle of Skulls (Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood Presents by James P. Davis

By James P. Davis

Trip to the darkish part of the town of Splendors.

Jinn is an angel trapped in mortal flesh, despatched down from the heavens to struggle, die, and be reincarnated ceaselessly within the warfare opposed to evil. yet through the years, revenge supplanted justice, and now he lives simply to damage vengeance—whatever the cost—on the darkish angel of Asmodeus who killed his lover. a chain of brutal occult murders, left like breadcrumbs for him to persist with, lead Jinn directly to the darkish angel—an invitation to a last conflict for the soul of Waterdeep. yet will he nonetheless be capable to pick out the trail of justice while he's so as regards to his enemy, after lifetimes of failure?

Circle of Skulls is a gloomy myth of fallen angels, determined rituals, and a mysterious sequence of occult murders. Set within the vintage urban of Splendors and offered via Forgotten Realms® crusade atmosphere writer and celebrated writer Ed Greenwood, you don’t are looking to fail to notice this fascinating glimpse into what the newest variation of the nation-states has to provide.

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Derider verifies that his record is clean and he has had several commendations in his years of service. Garth is not frightened by the questioning or by the event he witnessed. He tells his story willingly and repeats any details as necessary. “I was stationed up on the wall the night of the big rain. When it rains like that, a couple of guys are always put on the wall to watch for boats tearing loose or people falling in the river. “Real early in the morning, just as the sun was pokin’ up, I noticed one part of the river dip like it was goin’ over a waterfall.

This area is sometimes used for training and planning sessions. D3. Nursery: This room is occupied by derro women and their young children. This cave provides a safe, quiet place for the young derro to sleep; it also prevents the noise of crying children from disturbing the entire clan. Crude cribs and small beds line the room. If the PCs enter this room, the women move to protect their children. They do not attack unless the PCs attack first. If provoked, the women try to fight the PCs with sticks or clubs (treat as 0-level fighters).

Wide, shallow steps have been cut out of the stone to form a rough stairway. At the bottom, the stairs appear to end in a rock wall, but a secret door grants access to the savants’ living quarters. Savants’ Quarters D17-Dl9. Student Savants’ Rooms: Each of these rooms is occupied by two student savants. Their rooms are no more organized than the rooms upstairs, with clothing and other items strewn about. The exception is that each student owns a small chest to hold personal and magical items. The chests are locked but are not trapped.

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