Cities of Mystery (AD&D Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms by Jean Rabe

By Jean Rabe

Inside of this folder are 12 diverse highway format styles that may be mixed in a mess of how, plus 33 constructions of varied sizes and shapes that may be minimize out and assembled. The elements, scaled to be used with 25mm miniature figures, let you create three-d urban scenes for characters to discover. additionally integrated is a 64-page publication that takes you step-by-step during the strategy of defining and designing the villages, cities, and towns of your crusade global. The booklet comprises 5 experience situations that utilize the road layouts and fold-up constructions - principles designed to get you began in order to making your towns come alive.

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The player characters also could be assigned spying missions to neighboring cities. Or they could be PUTTING THE PCs TO WORK asked to patrol the area surrounding the city, where they might find an adventure or two to undertake. Being Bodyguards This is another opportunity for the prayer characters to find work as a group. Wealthy merchants, rich landowners, and powerful city officials all need protection—or think they need protection. Some of these people have accumulated enemies through the years: people they have put out of business because of shrewd mercantile maneuvers, former landowners who have had their property absorbed, and former officials who were ousted from office or defeated in elections.

Simply take a small sheet of scrap paper and draw a series of rough rectangles to indicate the way the sheets are oriented. Put a letter in the corner of each rectangle, in the place that corresponds to the printed letter on the sheet itself, to identify which sheet is used and how it is aligned with respect to the sheets around it. When setting out street patterns, be careful not to give away too much information to the PCs too soon. Assuming they’re not airborne, they’re seeing the city from ground level, so that they won’t be able to view enormous sections of the community at one time.

If the PCs do come up with a way to view a large area at one time— by riding flying mounts or using magic— then it would be fair to show them several street layouts at once. But you wouldn’t have to worry about filling all the layouts with buildings; since they’re viewing the structures from a great distance, they wouldn’t be able to discern any details or identify a specific type of building. ) Using the Buildings Cities of Mystery contains 33 building fold-ups—enough to fill at least two of the street layout sheets with single-story structures.

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