Cold Steel and Secrets: A Neverwinter Novella, Part IV by Rosemary Jones

By Rosemary Jones

Deception! Betrayal! an ideal partnership! within the end to this four-part novella, Rucas Sarfael uncovers the twisted plots that introduced him to the town of Neverwinter and discovers a plot at the lifetime of its lord.

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Most of those hardy individuals disappeared, only to be found in spring, when the weather cleared and the snow and ice that had frozen them into grotesque statues, had melted. The journey will be a difficult one-the PCs can only travel at one-third their normal daily movement rate. Adding to the hazard is the fact that there is a 25% chance per day of experiencing a severe blizzard, in which visibility -will drop to near zero. In such conditions, the PCs are almost certain to become lost. Any humans or demihumans the PCs meet on their journey will regard them with suspicion.

When this flies open, and a man with graying hair an wild look in his eyes bursts into the room. is dressed in expensive clothing that is now dirty and torn, and his hair is awry. H e holds a mousetrap in either hand. ” he yells as he runs into the room. “What’s wrong? ” begins to tremble a mousetrap springs ignores the pain. “Please,”he says, lives. The location of the monastery will earest friends. As you can clearly s s is dead; he won’t be mentioning it The man drops to his knees and exten “’iaven’t you done enough evil to this Gerta’s father.

The Children have only recently recovered the bell that used to hang in the uppermost room of the tower (Room #2d), from the gorge. The huge brass bell now sits on the top floor of the tower, its dents have been hammered out and it is ready to be hung in its original position. Until the bell is replaced, the upper room of the tower is being used a s a storehouse for digging tools. The bell was originally intended to be rung to quilt collection of religious garb-the robes, vestments, accoutrements, and paraphernalia of a dozen differenfsects.

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