College of Wizardry (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons AD&D by Bruce R. Cordell

By Bruce R. Cordell

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Everywhere you look, mountain peaks of various heights jut into the air, as ifyou stood ina fertile oasis in the middle of a range of rocky hills. 2. hoacher + H E FeUL Hoacher the Foul, a bladeling (see the Monstrous Supplement in the Planes of Law boxed set), was one of the criminals transferred from Sigil’s Prison to the Vault and then sold to the Malarites as prey. He and three other prisoners have been hunted through the stalking grounds for the last six days; Hoacher is the only one still alive.

His den numbers several thousand hunters, all distinguished by their reddish furs. A single cave mouth high on a mountainside opens into the massive den, but many tunnels and caverns burrow deep into the heart of the hill. Starkad coordinates much of the realm’s trade with merchants in Sigil and guards in the Vault. His den’s always hopping: q l d r e n cut animal carcasses into valuable parts, hunting groups depart for the stalking grounds, and so on. However, the priest is incensed that he’s lost power and status to Garond and will do anything to reclaim that glory.

They can’t physically cross the borders of the realm without a special key (a Malarite’s ranine tooth), and Starkad won’t help them find or use any other gates. However, if you wish, you can allow the party to obtain a tooth (or a Malarite guide), leave the realm, and find their own way off the plane. The only other known gates are on Othrys, the first layer; the PCs can climb to that layer and find an off-plane gate or sail the River Styx (which only takes them to other Lower Planes). You can also let the PCs stumble across other gates in the gehreleth lair.

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