Concepts And Applications In Agricultural Engineering by Dash, N.B. & Mohanty, M.K.

By Dash, N.B. & Mohanty, M.K.

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I NR"TR PRR =2nNRR TRR P LR = 2nNLR TL N I T =2n x _NR x ( n x 2.. 8 Pumps and Motors Schematic Diagram for flow of fluid and power SHP ~ WHP Pump WHP ~ SHP ~=+I Motor I~ Qin Qout Qm Qout Fig.

For turbulent flow through the pipe, Reynold number, Re > 4000 Relation between V, V r , Vmax v;. e. 10) is known as Blassius 1/ 7 th power law. 14) =--'--- Moody's diagram Moody's diagram is a log-log plot of Of' vs. 'Re' for different values of 'R/K' or 'KID' Notations R/K = relative smoothness KID = relative roughness R = radius of the pipe D = diameter of the pipe (inside diameter) K = average height of the pipe wall roughness Note Moody's diagram is used to describe the flow conditions other than laminar flow.

5) X2 . 5) by which upward reaction at front wheel decreases due to pulling of attached implement is popularly known as weight transfer. 6) = P~ (when pull is parallel to ground) X2 Conditions: WX Case 1: weight transfer = _ _I ~ RI = 0 X2 ~ Front wheel will leave the ground . WX X2 Case 2: weIght transfer> _ _I ~ RI . 6. e. R2) in pull condition. Here, w( I- ~:) ~ Static weight distribution on rear wheel in pull condition Psina = weight of implement in rear wheel ( . 7) directly. Summary The effects of pulling implement are: 1.

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