Cormyr (Forgotten Realms, No. 9410, Advanced Dungeons & by Eric W. Haddock, Paul Jaquays

By Eric W. Haddock, Paul Jaquays

Cormyr will enable DM and participant alike to wander the King's woodland and the alleys of Suzail within the imagination. It provides fundamental info for any crusade performed within the FORGOTTEN geographical regions environment, together with army and magical forces, ideas for acquiring adventuring charters (required through the Crown), and proof concerning the battle Wizards and Council of Mages. A full-color map of the world info many websites now not pointed out within the crusade environment, supplying the inventive DM principles with which to entertain avid gamers for lots of nights of adventuring.

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Here, guilds are mostly similar to benevolent fraternal organizations: groups of people who practice the same craft, who join the organization for the social interaction and the opportunity to further their expertise. Most guildmasters are content to know that their organizations give their members a sense of camaraderie and a venue in which they can hone their craft among their peers. The “labor union” concept is nearly unknown in Cormyr. — have indeed discovered the degree of influence they can exert on local politics.

Such guilds typically look after their own interests with a passion 52 and know how to manipulate situations to their advantage. Merchants he most powerful class outside of the nobles, merchants are the energy that drives the wheels of the economy and progress in Cormyr. In many societies that have a ruling noble class and lower “commoner” class, a merchant class rises to become as powerful as the nobles. This is true in Cormyr, where merchants have become quite powerful and their riches certainly dwarf some noble families’.

Therefore, nobles walk the halls of power exclusively, rarely seeing firsthand the people they govern. Senior War Wizards and young nobles who enjoy hunting in and exploring their realm are exceptions to this. This has caused quite a rift in Cormyte society. Nobles generally look upon commoners as people who won’t amount to much. Because of this, commoners’ concerns don’t receive as much attention as nobles’. Many of the nobles of Cormyr, especially the elderly and the women, spend almost all of their time in Suzail, where every noble family has a 40 grand residence as close to the palace as possible.

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