Cutthroats of Lankhmar (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd by Wes Nicholson

By Wes Nicholson

Cutthroats describes in bright aspect the Mercantile, competition, Park, money and southern River Districts of town of the Black Toga. research all concerning the gangs, guilds, fences, ships, retailers, and bars within the southwestern section of Lankhmar.

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Secrecy: Not all guilds are known to the public, and even among secret guilds, there are different degrees of obscurity. A guild is categorized as public, open, or secret. Public guilds are known to almost everyone, and their headquarters are marked with a sign known to members and nonmembers alike. They may not seek attention, but they do not hide themselves, either. Their presence in a city is easy to learn about, as are most of its members. A successful Gather Information check (DC 11) is enough to reveal a public guild’s place of operation.

Open guilds are known among most rogues, but not among the public at large. Their buildings are not marked and often are guarded against any visitors other than members. Finding out about such a guild requires a successful Gather Information check (DC from 14 to 19) plus a little bit of fast talking or bribery to get in the door. Secret guilds are not known to the public or to most members of the underworld. Their headquarters are obscure, unmarked, guarded, and often concealed behind a façade of some other business, building, or a “cover” organization (such as a charity, a noble’s club, or a merchant’s guild).

That translates into a haul of 1,500 gp. On a check result of 20, he would still have won 40 percent, or 1,200 gp. If the check result does not beat the minimum, the locals get lucky and the professional loses half his stake. Seems too easy, doesn’t it? It is. The snag in this easy road is that if another professional gambler plays in the town, he is trying to take the same available funds, and the two (or more) gamblers must make opposed checks to see who comes out the winner for the week. The losers in such a contest lose their entire stake.

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