My Most Memorable Games by Boris Gelfand

By Boris Gelfand

For greater than 10 years, Boris Gelfand has been one of many world’s top-ranking chess gamers.
Now the 33-year-old grandmaster provides his most sensible video games, which he has annotated in nice
detail and at a degree compatible for each membership participant. masking themes as various as mixtures
and endgame research, the e-book additionally incorporates a bankruptcy at the Grünfeld Defense.

Boris Gelfand contines to be the most effective gamers on this planet to at the present time (2014).

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Ctl xf3+ 27 g xf3 AeS+ 28 f4 Axf4+ !! 29 A xf4 (29 � g2 ? �xe4+) 29 . . h1 + ! 30 � x h1 � f1 + with perpetual check; A2) White can set a n ice trap with 2S � h2 ! b1 ! (2S . . Ctl c4 ? c6 ! -threaten i ng 28 �xg6+ � h8 29 gc8+ 27 . . x h6+ !! 'i!? x h6 31 �hS# ; 2S . . �bS is sim­ ilar to 24 . . x b1 �x b1 27 �xe7 . It looks a s though Wh ite is simply a pawn up, but 27 . . � b8 ! forces a d raw - 28 d6 Af8 29 Axa7 �xd6 30 �xd6 A xd6 31 � g1 eLl xf3+ 32 g xf3 and Wh ite has no winning chances at al l ; 8) 24 .

1 6 �xd5 Ae6 Black regains the piece than ks to the pin. 17 dxe5 Axd5 1 7 . . �xd5 1 8 �xd5 A xd5 1 9 tD c5 tD xe5 20 0-0-0 leads only to equal ity. 18 Ag5 Wh ite also tries to fight for the i nitiative. It is he who has to play carefu lly to equalise after 1 8 tD c5 tD xe5 1 9 0-0-0 Ac4. b c d ... e 8 6 5 4 3 2 18 . . Axb3!! Played in good style ! I felt that, despite being h i m a qu een down , Black's threats should not be underestimated . However, as is usual in such instances, the defending side should try to bai l out by giving back some material (the exchange in our case) and bring his king to safety.

Th5! -+ h 23 . . �d3?! Being short of time, I was tempted by a beautifu l , but not the strongest option . The simple 23 . . � h4 24 Ag3 (24 A h2 tDf4 25 Ag4 ? Axc2 ! -+) 24 . . � xg3 25 fxg3 �g5 would have given Black a strong attack. 24 £g4? Wh ite returns the favou r. He could have beaten off the attack by 24 A h2 ! tD hf4 (24 . . gxf2 25 gxf2 A h4 26 gg2 +-) 25 A xf4 gxf4 26 gxd3 �d7 (26 . . A xd3 27 �xd3 +-) 27 gg 3 (27 gd4 A xd6 28 Ag4 Af5 29 gxf4 Axf4 with counterplay) 27 . . Axd6 28 Ag4 ± .

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